Social Media in the Event Industry

Social Media appears to be a buzz phrase that’s not going away anytime soon. With Facebook now claiming over 200 million users, and other sites like Twitter getting millions of hits per day, these new technologies seem here to stay. Many are using them to incorporate more of their social life into their Internet life. At the same time, businesses seem to be using them for social marketing campaigns and connecting to their end-users.

In the event industry I have seen people posting their event information to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as talking to some “fans” about their industry or their venue. This seems more and more commonplace. I am wondering what are some ways to leverage these Internet technologies with software and what benefits it might give the users.

Do any of you use your event software to post information to these sites? Do you use these sites in some other manner, in regards to your business? Do you partake in social media as a conversational tool to build fans or culture around your venue? Do you only use it as a method of posting or “shouting” at the user base with regards to new information about your events or business? What other ways are you interacting with social media and are their ways we can assist with that using our FASTbook software?