Distributing Event Listings

One of the ideas behind FASTbook is you put your event information in once and you can then use it every way you need to without having to re-enter it again. Talking to a few of our customers, I have been hearing how event information is being submitted to various online and offline directories. These are being submitted via various means none of which have sounded very efficient to me and I think FASTbook could help make it simpler.

I have heard of emailing lists, communicating them via voice over the phone, PDF reports of events, event information reports being sent, and a bunch of seemingly tedious means that will cause someone to re-enter data somewhere along the line. I think there is probably better means of exporting specific files formatted in a way that the recipient can just import into whatever software they are using. This would eliminate re-entry errors and the work of re-entry altogether; not to mention, save our users time from having to prepare these lists when they can just click on an export function to prepare it for them.

What directories, offline or online, do you submit your events to? And what means do you use to submit them? Are you calling on the phone and telling someone? Are you emailing some type of list? Where does that list come from? Is there a better way we could be helping you get lists of your events to those people? Perhaps some standard CSV file list or an iCal file? Any information on this would be helpful and we can probably implement something to make this a lot more efficient.