New FASTbook Update – Version

FASTbook Release Notes – Version
Here is a list of NEW features in FASTbook

  • Mouse wheel now scrolls through the calendar in months, instead of years! Asking around the user base, we discovered virtually no one was using the mousewheel feature due to the fact that it scrolled between years instead of months. Well your requests have been answered. Scrolling the mousewheel on the main calendar will now move you forward and backward one month at a time, rather than one year at a tiime.
  • Employee Schedule Report is now available. A new report detailing the schedule for any given employee has been added to FASTbook. This is accessible from both the reports area and the employee’s setup screen. The report shows by date which event the employee is scheduled, what room its in and what position they are filling. This should make viewing scheduled labor a lot easier than it has been in the past.




  • Replaced “T” and “F” fields in Setup with Check Boxes – previously we used “T” and “F” as marks to designated True or False on various setup fields. The “T” and “F” semmed vague and we felt check boxes would better illustrate enabling or disabling various options. (see image below)




  • File Attachments have been changed to compressed (ZIP) format internally in the database. When attaching large contracts, documents and correspondence to the Attachments Tab in Event Detail, the size of the attached files would significantly grow the size of the FASTbook Database, so much so that when 3-10 years of attachments were in the database, the program speed could start to be effected. By saving the file to the database in a compressed (ZIP) form, this drastically reduces the database size.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -Run the DataUtils.exe (see below) after you do the update. Compressing the attachments inflates file size until this is run. After the compact you’ll see a significantly smaller database size.
  • Removed “New Version of FASTbook Available” pop-up notifications with a less intrusive “Floating Alert” in the lower right screen of FASTbook. Previously the message box style pop became vary intrusive when an update could not be made immediately. With the new style, the reminder will be far less comandeering until you are able to complete the update.




  • Added a quick calendar print from the calendar screen, right-click menu – There has never been a quick way to print a monthly calendar, now, instead of going into Reports, Selecting Calendar Reports, setting the dates, etc., you can just right mouse-click on the calendar and print the current month. This is not the same report, but a snapshot of what you are seeing on the screen meant only for quick reference.
  • Added warning message in FASTbooking to notify the user that all events did NOT book, in addition to the Booking Log. In the past, if users did not take the time to read every line of the Booking Log they may not have noticed that some items were unbookable. Now, when a conflict is found, user’s will definitely be aware.
  • Added ability to integrate Data Export Module. If you are currently using external signage, iCalendar Files, CSV files or trying to gather important FASTbook data for other programs, data mining or any type of exporting, FASTbook now has a new Add-On Module that will let you easily export any type of information into virtually type of file.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Setup with Contact Notes. When adding Notes to Client Contacts in setup, an invalid key error would pop-up, this has now been resolved.
  • Streamlined some of the functions of the new notes editing section. Removed some save popup dialogs in favor of the behind the scenes saving that it used to do. Added some other functions to restore more of the older functionality.
  • Redesigned the datasend program and added new functionality. DataUtils.
    • DataUtils (formerly datasend.exe) now operates both in FASTbook and externally.
    • When run on its own outside of FASTbook, it has an added feature to compact and reindex the database. Users must all be out for this to happen.
    • DataUtils will automate the following for you:
      1. Backup the chosen database to the Firebird data backup format (.fbk)
      2. Create a small text file with the facility name and when the backup was created and some miscellaneous information.
      3. Compress that backup file and the text file using zip compression.
      4. Send the file to Event Software FTP server so technical support can analyze it.




For more information on the release or to schedule an update, please call us at (480) 517-9990 or email our technical support at

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