NEW FASTbook Update – Version

Here is a list of NEW features and changes in FASTbook

  • Fixed some old links in the Help menu.
  • Added Social Media information for Event Software in Help menu. This should make being part of the FASTbook community much easier.
  • Renamed ‘FASTbook Direct’ to ‘FASTbook Community’ in the Help menu.
  • Added links for our Facebook page into the Help > About screen.
  • The ‘What’s New in the Community’ screen will now display when you log into FASTbook. This will inform of you any changes or additions in the lastest update, new product releases, community conversations, etc. This screen includes:
    • Latest blog entries
    • Facebook posts
    • Twitter updates
    • Contact information for Event Software
  • Added an option in a new tab in Personal Settings to disable the ‘What’s New in the Community’ from displaying on start up.

For more information on this release or to schedule an update, please call us at (480) 517-9990 or email our technical support at