FASTbook Update – Version

NEW FASTbook Update – Version

Here is a list of NEW features and changes in FASTbook

  • Introducing the new Client Detail screen – this new screen is similar to Event Detail but is centered around a single client not a single event. This new functionality makes FASTbook useable as a contact management system as well as an event scheduling system. Also, more fields to store internet related items such as emails and URLs were added.


For each client you will be able to access:
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes / History
  • Events
  • Attachments
  • Invoices




  • Adding new clients and contacts in either Event Detail or FASTbooking should now be much faster. You will only need to add the bare minimum of information at the time. This will allow you to book as quickly as possible and let you go back later to fill in more detailed information about new clients/contacts.
  • Added ability to set FASTbook Online passwords in contact editing.
  • Added a new labor overview in the calendar screen. A third tab ‘Labor’, behind ‘Month’ and ‘Week’, allows you to see a labor overview for any given day.


  • Employees can now be added at the location level on the new Labor view. This will allow someone to be scheduled as a booth operator, house manager, etc.
  • Fixed bug in event labor scheduling.
  • Added a field in room setup that designates a room for use in net square footage calculations.


  • Added two buttons to Event Detail to automatically calculate square footage, gross and net, for events. Each room’s square footage added together will compute the gross square footage. Each room that is marked as ‘use for net’ will be added to achieve net square footage. When not using the new buttons, the fields are free form entry as they always have been.


  • Fixed the copy rate to other client categories function when copying square footage rates. Previously no rate amounts were being copied.
  • Altered both labor reports to show house labor if present.
  • Added ability to set custom font in personal preferences. This custom override font is currently NOT used on any reports. This is just a provision to allow new reports and updated older reports to have a specified user defined font. At this time no reports use this, but in future updates they will start appearing.
  • Fixed bug in edit task that caused the grid not to update after new tasks were added.
  • Added button on menu bar ‘List Panel’ that will hide or show the right side list bar.


  • Community page now shows up once per week instead of oncer per log in.
  • Rearranged a few fields on Event Detail to better utilize screen space.


  • Reworked email authentication. It should now work with most email systems.
  • Changed icons for showing and hiding panels.
  • Added functionality to prevent users from being deleted while they are still in use.
  • All new versions of FASTbook should be designed to better utilize larger monitors. Previously screens were designed to fit 800×600.
  • Fixed screen cursor getting stuck on hourglass in labor.
  • Fixed Ticklers checkmark so that it more accurately denotes when an event has ticklers.
  • Fixed a bug in event labor where it was not refreshing after saves.
  • Fixed bug that left the database connected, though not accessible, after a bad login attempt.
  • Updated internet components internally.
  • Updated database drivers internally.

For more information on this release or to schedule an update, please call us at (480) 517-9990 or email our technical support at