FASTbook Update – Version

NEW FASTbook Update – Version

Here is a list of NEW features and changes in FASTbook

  • Upgraded to a faster memory manager should increase application speed and reduce memory issues
  • Fixed some memory leaks that occurred sporadically in the application
  • Improved error message when attachments fail to open. It now lists the text of the message not just the error number.
  • Added next/prev buttons to sub resources this will allow you to scroll to the next room while within each resource.
  • Added subevent attendance total to ticketing tab
  • Added subroutines to help prevent overloading SQL engine.
  • Fixed copyright dates on executable (internal does not effect user)
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause Room Event Monthly Timeline to draw incorectly
  • Fixed rate calculations on rooms that were scheduled past midnight and/or had more than 12 hours per day.
  • Updated some queries to better use indexes (speed enhancement)
  • Fixed bug preventing Equipment report from running.
  • Added routines to help FASTbook work with new installer.
  • Added option to Event Information report allowing for a solid line instead of double dashed line.
  • Fixed Event Information Report to correctly show which labor rate is being used.
  • Added routines to Invoicing screen and Event Information report to help prevent redrawing issues and sql overload
  • Fixed rate multi assign so it correctly assigned square foot rates

For more information on this release or to schedule an update, please call us at (480) 517-9990 or email our technical support at