What If My Firebird Version is Wrong?

The latest version of FASTbook checks to see if you are running the correct version of the Firebird database. This is to assure maximum stability and prevent any data corruption issues. It also greatly improves the efficiency and speed of the program.

As of this writing, the correct Firebird version is 1.5.6. If either your server or client files are out of date, here is what you should do.


If the server is not version 1.5.6, you can download it here: Download Link

This should be installed by a skilled IT person on your database server, while no one is using FASTbook. Its usually recommended to uninstall the old version completely before installing the new one. Make sure to also stop the service if its running. We have had issues with the install not correctly stopping the server first.

After 1.5.6 is installed, your server files should be up to date.


If your client files are out of date, you can do the following:

Go to your Firebird database server and locate the Firebird install directory. In it is a subdirectory named ‘bin’. Within that directory should be a file named fbclient.dll. Right clicking it and going to properties should help you determine if it is indeed the correct 1.5.6 version.

Take that file and place it somewhere that all the client machines have access to. Also, make a copy of the fbclient.dll file and name it gds32.dll.

Now you will need to replace any instance of those two files with the new ones we just prepared. Both files should be copied over.

The most likely places for them to be are – Your fbwin50\bin directory – Your Windows\system32 directory – Your Windows\syswow64 directory

If you find it other places you can replace those as well. The above mentioned should be the most common locations.

Once you have removed any old versions of fbclient.dll and gds32.dll, and you have replaced them with the new versions, you should be able to relaunch FASTbook without the warning. This last step will need to be applied to every workstation FASTbook is run on.

Assuring the versions are proper helps eliminate many inconsistency issues, data stability issues, and performance speeds.

If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact Event Software technical support.