Announcing FASTbook 5.6

FASTbook 5.6 is here. This is the largest update we’ve had in years, and for good reason.

We have added much of the necessary work to prepare for the new database version and bring FASTbook up to par with more of the leading edge technologies. The database is now running on dialect 3 which means improved versatility. Also, all the financial fields have been changed from floating point to binary-coded decimals. This is a more accurate method of saving decimal numbers. In the past there were some issues with rounding that could occur. This eliminates those. There were some other changes at the database level to improve performance.

We have added a new calendar report that should work much faster and allow printing of multiple months at a time. There is also a simple report-building feature that turns SQL statements into nice looking reports (For Advanced Users who understand SQL).

There is a slight change to the look and feel of FASTbook. We have changed the desktop icon from the old blue ‘F’ to a new purple background with a lightning bolt. This was in response to a lot of confusion with our original logo and the popularity of Facebook which had adopted a similar logo. There is a new splash screen on start-up and some of the icons along the main toolbar have been updated to be more visible and represent their purpose a bit more.

To assist with FASTbook Online processing events can now be canceled from the calendar screen. You can right click on the event below the calendar and select ‘Cancel’. Also, when you get in program messages about new FASTbook Online events, the subject line should show the event name if applicable.

Here is a list of other features and changes in FASTbook

  • Added fbclient.dll location to the about screen
  • Added invoice fields to event auditing
  • Added error handling for corrupt calendar filters
  • Removed some corrupt calendar filters from the demo data
  • Updated default calendar color from tan to light blue which drastically improves the aesthetic
  • Updated version check to background threading to avoid stoppage when websites are down
  • Updated Reporting components and print drivers for stability and better support for Windows 7/8/10
  • Fixed mouse wheel support on report previews
  • Fixed an issues in Event Detail where clearing show times might generate an error
  • Fixed copyright year in executable information
  • Fixed an issue where one could not book labor once it had been booked for that day
  • Fixed custom user field editing error when dates are used and then information deleted
  • Fixed room booking schedule to allow for entire email to be exported

Please Note:

This update contains a substantial update to your database. It is recommended that you make a backup of your fbdata.fdb file prior to running this update. This is a precaution in case anything out of the ordinary should occur.

For more information on this release or to schedule an update, please call us at (480) 517-9990 or email our technical support at