Well the last design had a good run and it did what it needed to do.  But it was looking dated and needed an overhaul.  We have a adopted a more modern WordPress style site with some of the new bells and whistles.  It runs smoothly and has a lot better SEO plus a boost to performance.  Should be a great start to a more interactive experience.

While I was looking over the redesign, I did a little bit of research on archive.org (check it out if you never have) and got to see a few older iterations of our site.  I thought I’d share some of them for kicks and giggles (yes I used a sanitized form of the phrase).

In 1998, we got our very first web site.  Just a home page really.  Concise to the point and looks like it was meant to facilitate phone calls.  Doesn’t appear the images were archived.  I’m imagining one of the older logos with the little icons on it or maybe the teal letter “e”.   Any of these images can be clicked on to show the full picture.

Then the next change looks to be in December of the same year.  Multiple pages and definitely “upgraded” to the newer teal logo.

I’m fairly certain that looked somewhat modern at the time. 🙂

This next one came sometime around September 22, 2001.  I was the designer here.  I’m pretty sure at the time this was a radical change using dynamic HTML instead of static pages.  Our products were starting to diversity and our site needed to handle that.  It was a good design, albeit a little drab, and worked well for a few years.

June 16th, 2005.  Another one of my redesigns.  This one used a Photoshop style template for the basis and used the same dynamic HTML and Microsoft back-end.  This was a considerable improvement visually from its predecessors and had a fairly nice feel.  Our first attempt at a blog and semi regular news posts.  Graphics seem very dated looking at it now.  We used this site up until recently.  It was working well for us, why mess with a good thing? 🙂

It looks like it had some bad artifacts based on browser compatibility.  Hopefully we learned from those mistakes.

And there you have it.  Event Software’s site through the years.  Some of you have been customers though all that time and might remember those old days.  Still glad to be creating software for you and responding to your facilities needs.

Our new design is using WordPress.  In the past we designed our own site, but I feel that WordPress does an outstanding job and that lets us spend our time developing great products instead of tweaking our web site.  Through the years we’ve gone from a DOS based application that used a little file based proprietary database, to a full scale multi-user Windows application using a robust SQL engine.   We hope to continue that trend from ground up into the cloud.

Let us know if the new site design works well for what you need and if we can improve it.