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Site Redesigned! (Finally)

Well the last design had a good run and it did what it needed to do. But it was looking dated and needed an overhaul. We have a adopted a more modern WordPress style site with some of the new bells and whistles. It runs smoothly and has a lot better SEO plus a boost to performance. Should be a great start to a more interactive experience.

While I was looking over the redesign, I did a little bit of research on (check it out if you never have) and got to see a few older iterations of our site. I thought I’d share some of them for kicks and giggles (yes I used a sanitized form of the phrase).


Give me a moment to rant, won’t you?

Printers, can I tell you how much I despise printers and all the headaches they create for me? Not only do printers affect my professional life, but they seem to make my personal life much more complex than a typewriter with an ego should.

It seems that every time the folks at Windows decide I need to update some feature on my computer that I never knew existed or don’t use in the first place, my printer stops working. I didn’t unplug anything or delete anything or change any settings on my system except for FINALLY updating after the hundredth time of seeing the dumb reminder to update. I think I purposely leave my computer on, just so I won’t see that pop-up every time I just want to do a little online shopping or make a funny tweet about something my cat did. Don’t mock, my cat is hilarious. Anyway, it drives me crazy, especially since I print something maybe once a quarter. So when I attempt to print my boarding pass for the one trip a year I get to take, an hour later, some tears and some very violent threats to my printer, computer and the ridiculous people who invented such unnecessary “tools” to make my life “easier”, before I ever get to see the dreaded “Group C” on my boarding pass. I should have just saved the headache and checked in at the airport anyway.

Professionally, printers have it out for me as well. Reports in FASTbook use whatever your default printer on your system to generate the print preview and whatever is generated in the print preview is what is spit out on the actual print. Well, guess what, almost EVERY TIME Windows makes an update, your print drivers and print spoolers are changed as well, which means FASTbook now has issues printing reports. This typically requires all print drivers being removed from the computer, a PDF Printer installed (we always recommend BullZip, it’s free, easy and seems to work well, then trying to generate reports with the PDF printer as the default. Once we have tricked Windows into working with the PDF printer, you should be able to install your printer’s updated print drivers and make your printer the default.

It is a lot of headache for something that seems so easy and trivial, but as it turns out is the nature of the beast.

Come find us at this year’s IAVM

It’s that time again. The IAVM (International Association of Venue Managers, for those who don’t know) Annual Trade Show is coming and will be held in our neck of the woods. The IAVM will be held July 25-28 at Phoenix Convention Center. We will be at the Trade Show, in Booth 1308, showing some new products and FASTbook features and we would love for you to come by and say, “Hello.”

Event Software has been attending the IAVM (previously IAAM) Trade Show for at least the last 15 years. We find it’s a great way to converse with users and other people in the industry, get information about competing or complimenting products and hopefully attract new customers. Trade shows have been the place to impress and dazzle newcomers for years and we will try our best this year. In the past we have also attended the ACCED and ACUI shows and are considering going to them again. The internal question is always which tradeshows make the most sense to our industry and will our presence there make sense for the right type of people. Which trade shows do all of you attend? Why are you attending them? Is there a particular trade show you’d recommend for us to attend?

We are really ramping up to put on a good show this year. As this is the only annual conference we currently attend, we want to make sure it is memorable and we put our best face forward. In the past we have gotten to meet a lot of you face to face and that experience has always helped us make a better relationship with our customers and make a more valuable product for you.

Hope to see some of you there.

FBMobile is out of beta. FASTbook calendar comes to your mobile device.

FASTbook is now mobile. With FBMobile, you can book your events anywhere, anytime. FBMobile works on virtually any web-enabled phone, tablet, or other device with a web browser to look up your events calendar and book directly from your phone. Search by event name or by specific dates. View event information including Event Name, Number, Room Names, Start Times and Show Times. Pull up Room Availability lists to find the perfect time and place for your event. Book events or see your calendar from the convention hall, the arena floor, main stage or your client’s office.




FBMobile Features

  • Connect to your LIVE FASTbook Calendar from virtually any web-enabled device
  • Search by Date or Event Name
  • Pull Available Room Listing for specific dates and times
  • View Event Information
  • SUPEVISOR control of displayed information
  • Request holds on space for new bookings

Purchase for $749.00 (includes support and updates for one full year)

Contact for more information.

Social Media in the Event Industry

Social Media appears to be a buzz phrase that’s not going away anytime soon. With Facebook now claiming over 200 million users, and other sites like Twitter getting millions of hits per day, these new technologies seem here to stay. Many are using them to incorporate more of their social life into their Internet life. At the same time, businesses seem to be using them for social marketing campaigns and connecting to their end-users.

In the event industry I have seen people posting their event information to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as talking to some “fans” about their industry or their venue. This seems more and more commonplace. I am wondering what are some ways to leverage these Internet technologies with software and what benefits it might give the users.

Do any of you use your event software to post information to these sites? Do you use these sites in some other manner, in regards to your business? Do you partake in social media as a conversational tool to build fans or culture around your venue? Do you only use it as a method of posting or “shouting” at the user base with regards to new information about your events or business? What other ways are you interacting with social media and are their ways we can assist with that using our FASTbook software?