FASTbook Graphing and Statistics

The long awaited graphing and statistics modules is finally nearing ship date.  Instead of printing traditional reports, say it with a graph.  We have over 25 ready to go but we’d love to hear of others you’d like to have.

There are various options, each is toggle-able:  3D, Legend, Black and White, Monochrome, Labels, Percentages, “Other” Category, Totals, and More.

So far this contains:

  • Revenue by Event Type
  • Revenue by Client Category
  • Revenue by Location
  • Revenue by Room
  • Amount Invoiced per Month
  • Payments Received per Month
  • Room Usage
  • Equipment Usage
  • Event Totals per Month
  • Booked Events per Month
  • Number of Events by Event Type
  • Clients Created per Month
  • Clients by Client Category
  • Client Summary Statistics
  • Room Statistics
  • Attendance by Month
  • Attendance by Event Type
  • Attendance by Room
  • Attendance by Client Category

There are also a number of low level statistical information reports about various aspects of your facility.

What else do you want to see? Please, email and let use know.